My name is Vicki and I am a survivor of childhood physical, emotinal and sexual abuse. I endured the abuse throughout my entire childhood until I turned 18. I was emotionally and physically abused by an alcohalic mother until she died when I was twelve years old. Immediatly after my mother’s passing my father began molesting me. I continued being molested by my father and then eventually two other family members until I turned 18 years old and moved out.

 But I need you to understand this blog isnt just about me and my story. It is about “us” and “our” stories. I am writing this blog for other survivors of childhood abuse and their loved ones. My goal for this blog is to share in your triumphs and your tragedies, in your passions and in your pains. Most importantly, I am writing this blog so that we can navigate through the journey of healing together.

I do have one selfish desire as I blog about circumstances and situations inspired by my childhood. That desire is to give purpose to the most painful time periods in my life. I need the abuse in my childhood not to have occured in vain. I grew incredibly strong as I worked through the side effects of my abusive childhood. I was strong enough to carry my burdens to the place of surrender. Now I want to use that strength to help you carry yours.