As I type this message there is a child somewhere afraid to go to sleep because an abuser usually enters their room around this time every night. There is a child who doesn’t understand why Daddy touches them the way he does. There is a child out there who fears a drunk parent is going to kill them the next time He or she is hit.

I wish I could save them all. The children are afraid to tell because they have been threatened or because they fear the family will be torn apart and it will be their fault. The child won’t tell because they are ashamed or because they think they did something to deserve it. So they keep it all to themselves. And then they grow up.When they are strong enough, wise enough, or safe enough to tell their story they are told “Get over it.” Consequentially, they don’t get to wear a survivors ribbon because it is such a shameful subject and no one wants to talk about it. Very few ever feel safe enough to tell.  Most times they are criticized for the fact that it happened so long ago.

Why do I care so much, you may wonder? Well, I was one of those kids who was afraid to tell. I didnt think anyone would believe I’d been molested by 3 family members consistently from the age of 12 to the age of 18. I was sexually assaulted well over 1200 times throughout my childhood, almost every night and sometimes twice a day.

Over the last few days something has been fueled inside of me. I have decided I will spend the rest of my life encouraging people to share their story. I will spend the rest of my life trying to lift the cloak of shame that covers such a horrendous act and keeps the victim in hiding. I will spend the rest of my life encouraging children to TELL!!! I will spend the rest of my life working to banish the ignorance that surrounds the subject of child abuse. I wont be ignorant. Child abuse cant be stopped; However, the shame can be lifted so people can come forward. Whether it was 30 days or 30 years since your last assault it is never too late to TELL!


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